"As a photographer, it is important to show respect and humility. For me, the main tool is not my camera, but my voice. Talking to the people you meet. If you want to get close to people, you must be able to communicate. And most importantly: Being a fellow human being."

 - John T. Pedersen


I was born 1966 in Oslo, Norway, been working as a professional photographer since 1988.

World Press Photo 2019 Photo Contest, Sports, Singles, 1st Prize winner.

Contributed to a number of newspapers, trade press, magazines and agencies
Today affiliated with the national newspaper Dagbladet in Oslo during the last twenty years. 

Some stories:

2013-Nelson Mandela's disease and demise in South Africa

2013-Typhoon Haiyan at Tacloban in the Philippines

2014-The hunt for Joseph Cony and his forms child soldiers in Uganda

2013-2014 Four trips to DRC Congo to cover the trial of a Norwegian who was sentenced to death for the  murder of a native

2015-The youth in Gaza

2016-France. Terror attack Nice

2018-The refugee settlement Bidi Bidi in Uganda

2018-Moreen Ajambo. The boxer in Katanga, Uganda

2018-Morocco. Scandinavian hikers killed by terrorists in Morocco

2019-Sri Lanka. Terror Attack Colombo



Long term project:  'The youth in Auschwitz, 2009-

2019  World Press Photo Exhibition world tour